Infection Control Department

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Head of Department

Prof Madya Dr Saihpudin@Sahipuddin Saupin

About Us

The role of the Infection Control Unit is to prevent and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This can be achieved by implementing the latest Infection Control Standards and Guidelines in the hospital and implementing infection control programs in the healthcare setting in the form of surveillance, isolation, outbreak management, environmental hygiene, employee health, education, and infection prevention policies and management. ​

Our Objective

To promote, maintain and improve the quality of infection prevention and control   in the hospital. 

  1. To raise awareness and to enhance the knowledge of healthcare personnel and students on the importance of infection prevention and control practice in the hospital through continuous education. 
  2. Protect patients, visitors, hospital staff and students from infection by practicing the elements of standard and additional precaution measures. 

Our Vision

The Infection and Prevention Control Unit of HUMS is a unit that leads an important role towards the prevention and control of infection and will be the source of reference for other units and departments in implementing the latest Infection Control Standard and Guidelines in the hospital.

Our Mission

Strive to ensure that the infection control programs are implemented in accordance with the latest policy and infection prevention and control guidelines, with commitment, responsibility and cooperation from all healthcare personnel in controlling incidents of infections in the hospital.


The team is actively making clinical rounds and monitoring in the clinical area to ensure infection prevention and control procedures and guidelines are practiced: ​

1. Aseptic Technique​

2. Proper Hand Hygiene​

3. Management of Isolation Patient​

4. Clinical waste management​

5. Personal Protective Equipment use​

6. Surveillance and audit
Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 5.00 pm
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