Message From Director


Prof. Madya Dr. Malehah Mohd Noh

Director, Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah
"Transforming Healthcare"
Greetings and welcome to Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah (HUMS) website.

The Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah project was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 2 March 2018. HUMS has been announced as a ‘Smart Teaching Hospital’ with the aim to improve the standard of medical education and training in UMS as well as to improve accessibility to top quality healthcare services for surrounding local communities. This will be an iconic project profiting not only UMS students but also the people of Sabah. With the establishment of HUMS, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMS) will also finally accomplish its ambition to carry out teaching and training activities in its own teaching hospital.
HUMS will occupy an area of 110,853 square meters to accommodate 400 beds equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure such as digital medical records and integration between medical equipment, non-medical equipment, buildings, classrooms and smart examination halls. The hospital services will include specialist medical care and consultations, student learning centers, orthodontist services, 24-hour emergency and trauma services, health screening services, pharmacy centers, laboratory diagnostic centers and radiology centers. There will also be rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, health promotion and healthy lifestyles services, health enforcement services, food safety monitoring and quit smoking clinics.

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