Psychiatry and Psychological Health Department

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Head of Department

Sharon Sharmini R Mohan
Clinical Psychologist


  • Providing a recovery-oriented service that helps patients move towards their own personal recovery goals and values.
  • Creating an autonomy supportive environment that empowers both staff and patients.
  • Creating an environment where patients, carers, staff and members of the community can collaborate, with continuity of care allowing trusting relationships to develop.


  • A recovery-orientated mental health service where staff, patients and students are continuously learning from each other, creating an adaptive, creative environment where people grow and develop together.


  • Empowering people

Our Services

  1. General Adult Psychiatry Services
  2. Substance Use Services
  3. Community Mental Health Services
  4. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services
  5. Early Intervention for Psychosis Services
  6. Developmental Disabilities Services
  7. Organic and Liaison Psychiatry Services
  8. Trauma Services
  9. Old Age Psychiatry Services


  1. Dr. Tan Ming Gui
  2. Dr. Corine Rosapane M Tangau
  3. Dr. Nurfarahin Binti Musa
  4. Dr. Cheng Yee Hsuen