Klinik Komuniti PPPD, Sikuati Kudat

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About the clinic

Rural Medical Education Center (RMEC) was established in January 2009. Located in Sikuati, Kudat around 180 km up north form the UMS main campus. It was built in 20 acres area consisting of the clinic, administrative, student and staff accomondation blocks as well as multi-purpose hall.

The four pillars of service RMEC are; community clinics, medical education, research and community programs. The clinics are open for the surrounding community and free of charge. Apart from this, Community Tuberculosis Clinic play a supportive roles to Kudat Hospital and nearby Health Clinic in contact screening. Most of the cases seen in RMEC Community Clinic are Respiratory Tract Infections and Non-Communicable Diseases (mostly Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension) as well as Dermatology and Gastrointestinal cases. The clinic is equipped with ultrasound, X-RAY and ECG test.

RMEC Medical Laboratory capable of running multiple test including; Biochemistry, Haematology and Urinalysis. RMEC Tuberculosis Clinic is also equipped with Genne X-pert machine which is capable of detecting Tb and Rifampicin resistance within two hours.