Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answering your questions

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How to make appointment?

In HUMS we are doing two way style of appointment 

  1. Using Web services provided by this pages
  2. Contact our respective clinic
    • PRW - 088 - 329054
    • Poliklinik UMS - 088 - 435281
    • Pusat Dialisis UMS- YKN - 088 - 431592

How many clinic HUMS have?

HUMS have six (5) clinic and one dialysis center across Sabah & Labuan and all clinic have they own dedicated UMS staff such as Nurse, MA and doctor. HUMS also run a specialist clinic via appointment in they rural clinic like RMEC Clinic.

List of HUMS Clinic;

  1. Poliklinik UMS Kingfisher
  2. Pusat Rawatan Warga
  3. Klinik Warga Kampus Sandakan
  4. Klinik Warga Kampus Labuan
  5. Klinik Komuniti RMEC Kudat
  6. Pusat Dialisis UMS YKN

Imaging & Radiology Services?

Yes, HUMS is provided the Radiology & Imaging Services such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammograms and many more please contact our Poliklinik UMS for more info.

Payment Type

Currently UMS are accept Cash and Digital Payment (Boost).

Are HUMS Provide Covid Screening Service?

YES. Currently HUMS provided two type of Covid Screening test RTK -antigen and RTK- PCR.

How to find a specialist?

Disease control trauma chemicals IC sugar. Therapeutic treatments wellness ultrasound kidneys simulation illness fertility. Mobile health ultrasound contact lenses pain. Intensive care wearables emergency.

3D printing mobile health implants prescription instructions brain sugar wearables bruise psychology infectious desease. Simulation analyze neurostimulators fitness chronic migrane movement.

Do HUMS have pharmacy services?

The services that are offered as follows;

  1. Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Store
  • The storage of medicines that will not affect their potency and efficacy and comply with the manufacturer's storage recommendation and any legislative covering the storage of controlled drugs.
  • Responsible for all receiving, recording, storage, maintenance, handling disposable, and distributing medicines and medical supplies to other UMS clinics.
  1. Medication Dispensing
  • The dispensing of medication to the patients as prescribed by Medical Officers or Specialists safely.
  1. Medication Counselling
  • Provide counseling of medication, e.g., insulin by the pharmacist
  1. Medication refills for chronic illness
  • For existing patients that are regularly taking medications for chronic illness, e.g., hypertension and diabetes mellitus
  1. Selling of First Aid Kit
  • Provide the selling of first aid kit for students and staff outdoor and indoor activities.
  1. Selling of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)
  • PPE such as face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.