Portable Health Clinic (PHC)

The portable health clinic (PHC) system is developed with an aim to provide affordable, usable, and sustainable preventive healthcare system for people in areas with poor healthcare infrastructure. A village representative will be trained in using the PHC instruments and to collect vital health information of the patient.


In 2021, the PHC project under Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah was kick-started in three (3) villages or kampung in the district of Pitas, Kudat, and Kota Marudu in Sabah:

  1. Kampung Malubang, Pitas
  2. Kampung Parapat Laut, Kudat
  3. Kampung Sorinsim, Kota Marudu


So far, the PHC system in these villages have recorded a total of 154 patients; 30 from Pitas, 73 from Kudat, and 51 from Kota Marudu respectively. The PHC services that are provided in these villages are:

  1. Blood Pressure check-up
  2. Body measurement
  3. Body weight measurement
  4. Urine test
  5. Blood Cholesterol Test
  6. Blood Glucose test
  7. Blood Uric Acid
  8. Pulse monitoring


In accordance with the aim of PHC system, HUMS strives to provide the best medical service to the rural community of Sabah, hence each initial visit was conducted with a team of multidisciplinary medical officers and volunteers. With the spirit of New Year 2022, HUMS aims to reach more patients in rural areas, in line with the hospital’s core values of being “Collaborative, Compassionate, Empowering, Sustainable, and Innovative”.